Now that I made some initial efforts to start setting up my biggest sex organ – my brain – to become a Sex God by learning How to Stop Watching Porn and How to Control Your Mind, it‘s time to do the same with my body and boost my health to an optimum.

The physical part of a Sex God might be the most obvious one. When we think of a Sex God we don‘t only think of a person that is incredibly skilled in bed but also looks amazingly fit, right? Well, that‘s just half the rent. It for sure is an important part to „look“ fit but you also have to „be“ fit and being fit doesn‘t start with bulking up muscles.


Before I‘ll look into how we can shred our bodies and build up muscles to sculpt ourselves as close as possible to an idealized image that we inherited from our Greek ancestors (and yes I will critically reflect about this perspective as well), I first want to get my body to a state of optimum health to than hack it and push it to a maximum.

There are three main elements that our bodies need to be healthy but that we tend to neglect easily. That‘s exercise to keep the body functional and flexible, nutritious food and water to provide the body with energy and material to replenish itself and rest to give the body time to replenish itself. There are the two additional elements of sun and oxygen that compliment the main three elements. If you can achieve a healthy balance of these elements, I guarantee you, you will become as healthy as you possibly can.

8-5-3 Formula Diagram

In order to find a good balance, I did some research and came up with the 8-5-3 formula that I want to apply on a daily basis from now on. The formula dictates to:

  • [highlight type=”yellow]Sleep 8 hours a night[/highlight]
  • [highlight type=”yellow]Walk 5 kilometers a day[/highlight]
  • [highlight type=”yellow]Drink 3 liters of water a day[/highlight]


Walking still is the best exercise there is. It engages the whole body in contrast for e.g. riding the bike and its easy on the joints compared to e.g. jogging. It helps to keep the body functional and flexible plus it helps to lose weight by burning calories. Two separate studies even showed that walking 35 kilometers (21 miles) a week cuts your risk of dying from any cause in half.

If that weren‘t enough, it also changes your metabolism, boosts growth hormones, seratonin, dopamine, thyroid hormone cortisol and adrenalin that will all help to change your appearance and interest in sex as well as your firmness of erection through an improved circulation. Now that‘s something and it‘s free, so make use of it!

Chances are that you already walk a good portion of the 5 kilometers (3 miles) a day. In order to find out how much you already walk on a daily basis, just get yourself a pedometer, a device that counts your steps. Of course there is an app for that as well. I use the Pedometer Pro from Runtastic that is available for both iOS and Android. Just start your pedometer in the morning and check how far you have walked in the evening. As soon as you know how much you walk on a daily basis, you just need to find ways to add the rest by

  • Walking to the office
  • Walk one subway station before hopping on the train
  • Taking the steps instead of the elevator
  • Park your car further away from where you actually want to go
  • Walk the dog or take a walk with your partner or friends in the evening or on the weekends

With walking, there are the two supplement elements you should take into account that will boost the benefits of walking even more and that‘s sun light and fresh air (oxygen). Sun light not only is necessary for the production of Vitamin D but releases more seratonin that will lighten your mood and help avoid or decrease depression. Fresh air as well increases your serotonin level, cleanses your lungs, boosts your brain and provides you with enough oxygen that your cells need to replenish themselves.

The best choice you can make is to take a walk in the sun and in an environment with lots of fresh air such as a park or the woods.

Man Drinks Water


Of all the things you drink during the day, how much water do you drink? Water is one of the main elements that made life on earth possible and our body is made out of about 60% of it. Although most of us are aware of it, I think we pay not as much attention to this facts as we actually should. This is why drinking quality water is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life.

It will help to maintain your body fluids that are responsible for digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of salvia, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature. Furthermore, water helps to lose weight (I will look into that next week), energizes your muscles, helps your kidneys and keeps your skin looking good. This are all amazing benefits that should convince anybody to keep oneself properly hydrated.

Studies suggest that an average healthy adult man living in a temperate climate needs approximately 3 liters (13 cups) of total beverages a day. This does not necessarily mean plain water but can also include other beverages. Plain water and tea are the best choices you can make though.


How much sleep do you get a night? Sleep is the time where your body restores itself and processes the information you collected throughout your wake period. It uses the time to heal wounds, replenish cells and build up muscle mass, if your body has the proper nutrients to do that. Sleep improves your memory, sharpens your attention and is also a key factor in losing weight, in contrast to sleep deprivation that actually cause loss of muscle mass, and no Sex God wants that.

To rest properly is therefore as important as to exercise in order to stay health and sane. But how much sleep do we need each night? An adult over the age of 18 needs between 7,5 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night to function properly. There is a whole science behind the topic of sleep that I will address separately in a later post. For now, I think it‘s enough to establish a schedule that allows us to sleep 7,5 – 9 hours each night. Think you can do that?

This is really nothing new at all and most people know about all of that, yet we still manage to neglect most of these aspects. But, we now have the knowledge to turn proper sleeping, proper hydration and walking into a habit. So, let‘s do that! If you use “Lift” (as suggested in How to Stop Watching Porn) I encourage you to add the habits “8 hours of sleep”, “3 Liters of Water” and “5 kilometers” to your list.

As soon as I have established these habits, I will look into more advanced techniques on how to further increase the quality of ones sleep, add more exercises especially for core strength and stamina and explore the sometimes confusing field of nutrition.


Let me know in the comment section below if and how you incorporate the 8-5-3 formula into your day and next week, I‘ll start with exploring three of the five most common and dangerous substances to become a Sex God: Sugar, Salt and Fat.