After I started to build a strong core (Developing Core Strength) and building up my energy systems (Stamina Like A Sex God), it’s now time to focus on building muscles. I don’t know if it’s the same for you but when I think of a Sex God I have a picture of a muscular guy in my mind. Muscles definitely are an important aspect of visual attractiveness for me and I assume for most people as well. But why is that? Is it the media’s fault?

Not really. Media just uses and sometimes over- or even misuses evolutionary mechanisms.

So why do we find muscles sexy? To answer that question we should ask ourselves “What does a muscular body communicate?” and the answer is that it says the body is virile, healthy and most likely has good genes. These have been all important factors to consider for women in the past when they had to decide with whom they want to mate. It was simply a matter of survival and passing on ones genes as good as possible. And now we are still stuck with this predisposition towards muscular body features.

A study conducted by UCLA in 2007 found that muscular guys were twice as likely to have three or more sexual partners. Science proves, muscles definitely sex things up. ( Now muscles don’t say anything about the quality of sex nor is a muscular guy perceived as the long-term commitment choice. This is where the ability to commit, financial stability and emotional compatibility are more important. Emotional compatibility might be as well one of the key factors for incredible sex but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, I am interested in how I can increase my visual attractiveness by building muscles.

There is tons of material and advice on exercising and body building out there on the internet, so I want to focus on four underrated aspects of exercising and subsequently building muscle mass.


There is a lot you can do with proper exercise and nutrition but a big chunk of what you can achieve is determined by your genes. First of all, your genes are responsible for you body type. Depending on what body type you have, it’s easier or harder to A) gain muscles and B) lose fat. There are three main different body types:

> Ectomorph – Skinny guy
> Mesomorph – Athletic guy
> Endomorph – Solid and soft guy

body types

Usually we are mixture of two or more body types. I am mostly a mixture between an ectomorph and a mesomorph. The ectomorph aspects make it easy for me to lose weight but let me look really skinny when I don’t have any muscles. The mesomorph aspects give me some kind of athletic features right away and allow me to easily gain muscles. Gladly for me this means I don’t have to train as hard as an ectomorph and don’t have to be as cautious about my nutrition or work as hard as an endomorph to lose weight.

The second aspect your genes control are the ratio of fast and slow twitching muscle fibers. Fast twitching fibers are for strength whereas slow twitching fibers are for endurance. Depending on your personal ratio, there is only so much muscle mass you can gain.

We don’t have any control over these aspects but it’s important to know these aspects nevertheless to become aware that there is only so much we can do. My perspective on the topic is not to chase an ideal because I might not be able to achieve it even if I work as hard or even harder as the person that I defined as my ideal. I believe a healthy perspective is to chase my personal ideal and my personal ideal is within the boundaries of my genetic predisposition. All I want is to become the best version of myself there is possible.

Having that in mind, let’s move on to my favorite part of exercising that is most of the time severely neglected.


When we think of building muscles we think of gyms, and weights and sweat and that’s all part of it but muscles don’t grow when you exercise. Muscles grow when you rest. Through exercising, you cause micro tears in the muscle tissue. After the training the body sends testosterone, growth hormones, protein and other nutrients to the muscle tissue to repair the micro tears. But, the body not only repairs these micro tears but also builds up new tissue in order to prevent micro tears in the future when the same level of stress is applied to the muscle tissue. That’s how muscles grow and that’s why we have to increase the weights to continually cause these micro tears in our muscle tissue.

That’s also why it’s so important to rest properly between exercising sessions to give the body the chance to repair the micro tears and build new muscle tissue. Naps and at least eight hours of sleep are therefore recommended. That really is the best part. I love naps!


But rest time wouldn’t have any effect if you didn’t provide your body with the necessary nutrients. I already covered the broad strokes of a healthy diet in my blog post How To Eat Like A Sex God but there is a couple of aspects we should consider in general and especially before and after exercising.

whey proteinDuring exercising, the body mainly needs carbohydrates that provide the energy to lift the weights and perform the movements. After the training, the body needs mainly protein since armino acids are the building blocks of muscles. That’s why it is easiest to use a protein supplement that contains both carbohydrates and protein and drink a shake right before and one right after training. This will guarantee a maximum effect and provide the body with the necessary nutrients for exercising and for muscle repair.

Timing is important since especially after exercising the body can take in the nutrients quickly. This is why it’s also important to use a supplement that contains both fast carbohydrates, carbohydrates that are high on the GI (glycemic index) such das dextrose and maltodextrin, and fast protein, such as [highlight type=”yellow”]whey protein[/highlight], so the body can absorb it instantly.

Especially on training days, the third time you should consume a shake is right before going to bed. But this time it’s better to consume a slow protein such as a [highlight type=”yellow”]casein protein[/highlight]. It will take the body up to seven hours to absorb it which will provide it with a constant stream of protein to repair the muscle tissue.

Additionally to these supplements it is recommended to add a [highlight type=”yellow”]multivitamine supplement[/highlight] because when you do weight lifting or endurance training your body needs more vitamins to function properly and replenish. Plus, it’s recommended to add a [highlight type=”yellow”]fish oil supplement[/highlight] if you don’t regularly eat fatty fish to provide the body with enough Omega-3 fat acids. Omega-3 acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, are good for the body’s composition plus support joints, help breaking down and use carbohydrates and promote a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system.

Apropos nervous system…


Now that we have covered the importance of genes, rest and nutrition, let’s focus on the fourth most underrated aspect of building muscles – the central nervous system .The central nervous system is a fundamental part of exercising and necessary to execute the exercises correctly. Especially at the beginning it’s important to build up your nervous system’s capacity because it will be quite limited.

We all know different videos on YouTube or magazines that present us with isolated exercises which can be quite ineffective if the central nervous system’s capacity is not at its best. The best way to get there is by exercising the whole body before moving to isolated body part training where I then can work out different muscles for symmetry and proportion.

The trick is to use multi joint exercises such as squats, pull-downs, dips and benches in contrast to isolated machine exercises. Doing joint or compound exercises you group body parts together so you don’t just exercise one particular muscle but groups of muscles such as chest, shoulders, legs, … Here it’s especially important to aim for a high frequency – ideally several times a week for maximum effect on the nervous system’s capacity.

Now that we have set the framework for getting a body like a Sex God, what will my work out program actually look like?


There is plenty of different work out programs out there and every trainer and every gym will probably have their favorites.

mike changA couple of months back I stumbled upon a website called At that time I downloaded their Insane Fat Burning Program which is an exercising routine that you can perform at home. I really enjoyed the way Mike Chang approached the work out. It is intense, it is fun but most importantly it is effective. Over the course of a couple of weeks I got my body fat down to 7%. That’s why I decided that I’ll do my whole body work out with Mike’s system as well. It’s a 12 weeks program where you gradually build up muscle mass focusing on the whole body.

The training is five days a week. The other two days are rest days. The first four weeks, I can do three of the five exercising days at home which is quite convenient. The work out usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes excluding my HIIT routine.

But before I’ll jump into the 12 weeks, I’ll meet with a certified trainer at my gym and make a run through so I am sure I execute the movements correctly and find substitute exercises if necessary. I would always recommend doing that when you adapt exercises from any other source than a certified trainer. There is so much you can do wrong that might harm your body, even permanently.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get that Sex God ripped body.