For most of my 20s, I suffered from one of the worst nightmares of a 20-something guy – erectile dysfunction. Once I knew the cause, I decided to not only reverse my ED but I also wanted to make up for all the lost years by becoming a Sex God which I documented on this blog. Little did I know at the beginning of 2012 when I started the project, that I first had to completely revise my definition of a Sex God with the help of the Greek philosopher Plato.

In May 2015, I did my first TEDx Talk with the title “How to Become a Sex God” where I talked about exactly that shift in perspective.

In the last three years I have researched a lot of topics and explored different aspects of sexuality. If you are new to the project, the following text should give you an overview of the different areas and help you guide you to the aspects that you might be interested in.

The two most fundamental categories are the PMO reboot and the sexuality category. These are complimented with additional blog posts on topics of body, mind and transpersonal aspects.


If you watch a lot of porn, than a PMO reboot will be the foundation for you to become a Sex God yourself. In this section, get to know why Porn is the Enemy of Great Sex and learn about the 4 Reasons to Stop Watching Porn. I encourage you to join the 28 Days No PMO Challenge.

Furthermore, I let you know How to Stop Watching Porn following the 8 Necessary Steps to Quit Watching Porn for Good. For some of you, this can be a really tough task so to keep going, remember that Becoming a Sex God is Like Becoming Spiderman.


The PMO reboot lays the foundation for you sexual development. All blog posts in the sexuality category build upon that foundation. Here you can learn everything about The Sexual Energy Cycle, Testosteron Boosters, get a Basic PC Muscle Work Out and how to Steal Back Your Erection.


The body is one of the two realms through which we experience sexuality. In the body category you learn everything to further support your development and increase the quality of your experience. There I give you the 8-5-3 Formular to Boost Your Health and tell you How to Eat Like a Sex God. I am also writing about Developing Core Strength, how to get a Stamina Like a Sex God and How to Build Muscles.


The mind is the second realm through which we experience sexuality. In this section I introduce Meditation, the Power Weapon to Boost Your Sex Life and I help you Understanding the Male Psyche.


The transpersonal aspects of sexuality are aspects that I’ll start to explore once I have mastered a certain level both in the physical as well as in the mental realm. I already wrote about Great Sex and Beyond though, where I tried to express a first vision of what that could mean.


I am far from done. Sometimes it even feels like I am still at the very beginning with the difference that I have a better understanding of the territory I am exploring than I did three years ago when I started. This means this is an ongoing project and if you want to stay up to date, make sure to subscribe to the Sex God Digest at the bottom of the screen to not miss any new blog posts or news.

You can also follow the project on Facebook or Twitter for additional content from all over the web regarding sexuality. If you have any specific questions, you can hit me up either on Social Media or send me a message here.