Last week, I accidentally stumbled upon a newly uploaded TED Talk by journalist Johann Hari with the title „Everything we know about addiction is wrong“. He has researched the mechanics of addiction and wanted to find out if there is a new approach on the war on drugs, that we are currently losing.

He indeed did. The premise of his work is that the psychological aspects of addiction are far more important than the neuro-biological processes. He claims that at the heart of every addiction lies a need for a genuine connection either with oneself or with another human being. Being unable to establish a connection either because of external or psychological/emotional reasons, we deflect that need and try to substitute that connection through the experience of an addictive behavior.

This also means, that the addictive behavior results in the opposite of the actual need. It leads to further isolation instead of connection.

For me this makes sense and especially when it comes to consuming pornography. I really do believe that most of the time when we watch porn and masturbate, the experience of watching porn and of an orgasm is a way to substitute the need for genuine emotional-sexual connection. This for me only confirms what I have suspected and researched the last couple of months, that to truly stop watching porn and sexually heal we need to address the underlaying emotional issues first.

The Sex God Project is therefore in the process of evolving from a project that started out focusing mainly on physical aspects of the body and sexuality to a journey of physical and emotional healing in order to reconnect with oneself physically and emotionally.