Two years ago I started the Sex God Project blog. Little did I know where the journey would lead me. Although I had a vague vision that found its expression in the term „Sex God“, I had no idea what waited for me behind that powerful and as I learned subconscious symbol.

It all started with a so called PMO reboot. PMO stands for Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm and describes a habit cycle in which it’s easy to get caught up especially with high-speed internet porn available in abundance at our finger’s tips.

A PMO reboot then is simply to abstain from porn, masturbation and orgasm for a certain amount of time.

PMO addiction does not only cost us time and in some cases money, it more importantly robs us from meaningful sexual experiences and can deplete us from our energy, cause (social) anxiety and lead to erectile dysfunction in young man and boys, which I wrote about in my blog post Porn is the Enemy of Great Sex.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction was my reason to start this blog, since I had experienced these symptoms for a couple of years already at that point. So I started a PMO reboot called The 120 Days Without Porn Challenge.

Experience is an Advantage

Although I got to the end of the 120 days without watching porn, I relapsed soon afterwards.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot along the way and made great progress. I have never watched porn as frequently as I did before my PMO reboot again plus I got a glimpse at what it feels like to cure one’s porn-induced erectile dysfunction. And it feels amazing!

Two years after my first attempt, I’ll give it another shot armored with a lot of experience and deeper insights into the dynamics of the core problem. My experiences and insights are my advantage and I want to share them with you.

The most important thing I learned was that abstaining from porn won’t change your sex life miraculously. There is always reasons why we indulge in addictive behavior and as long as we don’t address them, we won’t be able to get rid of these behaviors.

Putting Holy Back in Sex God

I understood that in the end it’s really about healing and that’s why HEALING will be the guiding theme for the #Reboot2015.

I did research on the word healing and found out that healing actually means to become whole and another word for whole is holy. This struck me deeply when I understood this connection because what is more holy than a God?

So becoming a Sex God means to become sexually whole again. To heal sexually. It’s been there from the beginning on.

Mapping Out the Journey

This time, I want to structure the reboot a bit differently based on my previous experiences. Although the journey is again designed to unfold over the course of 120 Days, since the brain will need the time to rewire naturally, I first want to put a special focus on the first 28 days which will be dedicated to setting up the proper foundation before we can dive further into the sexual healing aspects.

So this time, instead of looking at 120 days ahead of us from the beginning on, we just focus on the first 28 days mainly because research demonstrated that it takes about 30 days to create or get rid of a habit. But quitting porn will only be the beginning, although maybe the most fundamental step in our holy (healing) Sex God journey.

The first chapter on our journey will be the 28 Days No PMO Challenge.