You haven’t heard from me in a bit more than over a year now. That’s a long time and there of course are reasons for that. Let me explain.

The most obvious one is that in summer 2013 I got into a relationship with a great guy. This is not necessarily a reason to stop blogging but because the Sex God Project would have become a part of our relationship, I decided to not publicly continue until we got to know each other and established a stable basis for our relationship. The good news is that I believe we are now at a point where this foundation has been built which means I am ready to continue with the project.

So I thought about how to get back on track and I decided that I’ll kickstart the blog again like I started it two years ago with a reboot challenge. The difference to the first challenge will be that I’ll incorporate everything that I have learned from the first reboot, build on top of that with what is known as “Sexual Healing” and in my opinion the pivotal aspect of a successful reboot and complementing it with essays on historical, psychological, philosophical and social perspectives on pornography and sexuality.

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The second reason why I didn’t get to blogging was that last year I started writing a screenplay for my debut feature film called Nevrland. After my first two short films The Boy Next Door and Homophobia and after graduating from the Advanced Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA, I knew the time was right for my first feature film.

Little did I know that the Sex God Project was already early research for Nevrland. It took me quite some time and effort to get the story on paper which also included a lot of soul-searching and researching mostly in the fields of archetypal psychology and mythology, which will be the source for my essays.

The development was funded by the Austrian Film Institute and I worked closely with a script consultant and an artistic mentor for the last couple of months. In the next four weeks, I’ll finish the current draft of the screenplay and we will go into project development and financing early next year.

Since there is not a lot to see yet, I created a first mood teaser that should communicate my idea how the project should look and feel like:

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It’s good to be back and I am excited. Let’s explore and experience!