I still remember vividly when I first saw Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals at a film festival in Berlin. It struck a chord with me, and I felt nauseous afterward. I guess we all know that the porn industry isn’t really up for employer of the year, but I had no idea how bad it really was.

The French filmmaker Ovidie starts her journey portraying the more than precarious situation of contemporary porn performers in Budapest, Europe’s porn capital. Mainstream internet porn has disrupted the industry radically. “Harder and harder scenes for less money” is the price, especially female performers have to pay.

“In 10 years, humanity has visited more than a trillion pornographic pages on the internet. […] Yet the porn industry is dying.” -Ovidie

Ovidie identifies the countless free tube sites as the main culprit and uncovers their hidden connection leading to one single multinational company. Pornocracy then turns into a kind of thriller tumbling down a rabbit hole of tax fraud and money laundering losing its lead on Wall Street.

In the end, you get an understanding of a highly abusive and corrupt system. It’s a soul-crushing and gut-wrenching experience, potentially leaving you disgusted and ashamed if you ever watched porn on any of the countless tube sites for free. You can stream Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals on Amazon.

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