In my last post, The 8-5-3 Formular To Boost Your Health, I started to establish the physical foundation that I now want to complete with the aspect of nutrition. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects when it  comes to being healthy and looking fit but it can be a very confusing field. It’s is a very broad field that can fill books but there are some broad strokes that I discovered over the years that I want to summarize and share with you in this blog post. Along the way, I will refine these broad strokes in more detail and look for hacks on how to boost ones body.

For me, a Sex God needs to be A) healthy and B) look fit. In my case, I want to become as healthy and look as fit as possible. I‘m in the prime of my life after all. So now, I want to know how far I can push it. Both aspects, health and looks, are mostly influenced through what we eat. The proverb „We are what we eat“ is true after all. Exercise is very important too but I‘ll never reach my maximum if I simply don‘t eat healthy. But what is healthy after all?


There are some elementary components the body needs to function properly. That‘s protein (meat, fish, eggs, …) that provides the material to replenish the body and especially build muscle mass, carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, …) that provides energy for the body and vitamins and minerals (vegetables, fruits, …) for the bodie’s vital functions. These are very broad strokes but something that I can work with at the beginning.

This means that I need to compose my meals ideally out of these three components. What‘s important to know is that especially with meat as the source of protein, you increase your intake of fat and with carbohydrates your intake of sugar. This means ideally the biggest part of a meal should be vegetables and fruits (although fruits can be high in sugar as well therefore vegetables are the safer bet) completed with a source of protein and a source of carbohydrates.

We in the west see either protein or carbohydrates as our main meal with vegetables on the side. A healthy perspective is to see vegetables as your main dish and carbohydrates and protein on the side.

I will also decrease my carbohydrates in the evenings since I won‘t need as much energy during the night (as long as I don‘t go partying) and eat more in the morning to have enough energy for the day.

I also got to know that smaller portions more often are healthier than fewer but bigger portions. A good rule of thumb is to eat five times a day with smaller portions. That‘s breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two additional snacks one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon.

The science behind this is that you should keep your blood sugar level balanced during the day so that you don‘t get really hungry and overeat which will drive your insulin level through the roof which subsequently transforms all the carbohydrates into fat adding it to the fat storages of your body.


There are three nutritional components that are responsible for modern societies top illnesses such as heart disease, some type of cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity and tooth decay. The three components are fat, sugar and salt.

Don‘t get me wrong fat, sugar and salt are necessary for the body to be healthy. In fact, they are so necessary that our bodies developed a mechanism that we crave for them to make sure we get them. The problem these days is that the industry noticed that we are hocked on fat, sugar and salt so they put it in everything possible so we buy it. Scarcity turned into abundance and just like with porn, we can get addicted to fat, sugar and salt.

We find fat, sugar and salt especially in fast food, ready meals, preprocessed foods and baked goods and sweets.

These are all things that I will avoid altogether in the future. I used to eat lots and lots of fast food as well as ready meals and preprocessed foods such as frozen pizzas and such. I believe a Sex God simply shouldn‘t eat any of these. And that‘s what I‘ll do. So what‘s the plan to avoid the cardinal sins and still get the necessary amount of fat (especially unsaturated fats), sugar and salt?

  • [highlight type=”yellow”]I will eat fruits instead os biscuits, cakes and salty snacks[/highlight]
  • [highlight type=”yellow”]I will reduced or low fat options for milk, yoghurt, butter, …[/highlight]
  • [highlight type=”yellow”]I will chose poultry and fish and leaner cuts of red meat[/highlight]
  • [highlight type=”yellow”]I will avoid fast food, preprocessed and ready meals altogether[/highlight]
  • [highlight type=”yellow”]I will avoid anything fried[/highlight]

My perspective on food when it comes to eating is to imagine what and how did people eat before the industrial revolution. This turned out to be a great mental compass on deciding what to eat.


What do you drink during the day? [highlight type=”yellow”]The worst thing you could do to your body is drinking soda[/highlight] because its high in calories and mainly consists of sugar. For a couple of years, I drank coke on a daily basis. To be honest, when I look back at it, I am really proud of my body how he coped with all the sugar I forced onto it.

The dangerous thing about soda compared to solid food is that you take in more than you might with solid food and it for sure doesn‘t feel like eating. So, if you want to do one thing to get healthier and leaner, quit soda. I am serious. I decided to abandon soda like Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, … altogether. It simply isn‘t worth it. It has no nutritional value whatsoever and just adds fat to your body.

[frame_center title=”Sugar Content of Soda” src=””] Sugar Content of Soda [/frame_center]

So how about juiced fruits like apple juice or orange juice? Well, it definitely is better than soda (if it‘s real juice and not just a concentrate) since it at least offers nutritional value like vitamins and other components but its still high in sugar. There is nothing wrong with drinking a glass of any juiced fruit but it should never be a substitute for water. It might be a good idea to just take half a glass of juice and add half a glass of water to it.

Now you might ask what about coffee? Well, depends on why you drink coffee. Whether it‘s for getting energy or whether it‘s because you like its taste. If you need energy, it‘s definitely better than any energy drink because energy drinks are basically liquid sugar. I try to avoid them as good as possible. I myself prefer drinking coffee and I do that almost every day, mostly in the afternoon after lunch. What I do is I drink an expresso. It has the same effect but adds less calories to my body compared to especially a cafe latte which consists mainly of milk. If you like cafe latte, I would recommend drinking it with skimmed milk to reduced your intake of fat.

So what‘s really left to drink now. As I suggested in my last post, water is still the best drink there is to hydrate your body properly and of course tea. Tea is a great drink with few calories and lots of nutritional value. Green, black and herbal teas are my choice of tea.

So what do I drink during a typical day now. I drink one can of black tea in the morning and one can of herbal tea in the evening. During the day I drink water and sometimes a freshly juiced fruit juice or an expresso. That‘s what I believe a Sex God drinks.

THE 80/20 RULE

This sounds all good but the execution might not be as easy especially when you travel or when you are invited to special occasions and there is nothing healthy around to eat.

The important thing is to cultivate an awareness for what I eat so I can make healthy choices whenever possible. Some experts introduced the 80/20 rule where you stick to your plan 80% of the time and where you can eat whatever you want the other 20%. I am sure I will eat a piece of cake from time to time or have fast food when there is nothing around and my blood sugar level drops but when I eat cake I can have a smaller portion or when I eat fast food I can have water instead of coke and a salad instead of fries. These are all choices I can make.

This will be my fundamental nutritional framework from now on. This is not a diet that I do for a couple of weeks to lose weight this is a choice I make for a more healthy life. I am not abandoning something for a period of time, I simply replace unhealthy choices with healthy ones.

Next week, I will look into the science of sleep to get my body the necessary rest to recharge and replenish itself as time effectively as possible.