Maybe I am leaping ahead a bit but at this point in the project, philosophical questions and perspectives start to bubble up in my mind. “What is great sex?” certainly is one of these philosophical questions as a German philosophy magazine asked on its cover this summer. So what really is great sex? And what is needed to experience great sex? And is there even something beyond great sex?


Maybe you are familiar with Plato’s allegory of the cave. It was written by Plato on “the effect of education and the lack of it on our nature” (Wikipedia). It’s about the nature of enlightenment and I think it perfectly fits as a metaphor for the Sex God Project . If you don’t know the exact content and conclusion, you should watch this video first.

In the Sex God Project metaphor the cave is our rooms, the wall is the computer screens and the shadows the porn videos we watch and consciously or unconsciously mistake for reality.

When we leave the cave and walk upstairs, our eyes are not acostumed to the sun (actual sex) so we experience drowsy eyes (impotence or even anxiety) at the beginning. Only when we spend a certain amount of time out of the cave in the sun our senses become accostumed to it and only then we can experience it’s multidimensionsl sensations compared to the two dimensional shadows on the wall.

The Sex God Project is actually my journey of leaving the cave. I don’t have the multidimensional experience of the sun yet but I sensed and read about it and that’s why I believe it’s experienceable and much more fullflling than the shadows on the wall.

And I am not surprised that I was ridiculed by a couple of people at the beginning when I pointed out the existence and the physical effects of the shadows because Plato already depicted these reactions in his allegory. In my case it’s not actual death but ridicule which can be interpreted as social death.

The expression sex god is perceived as controversial by some people because it’s definition is mostly limited to the physical charateristics which is probably because we live in a materialistic world after all. But what I learned from my dramaturgical mentor is that thought value is created by redefinition of words that are attached to a specific concept and thought value is my ultimate goal as an artist.

So on my journey I try to redefine the word Sex God and I believe I probably already uncovered the intuitive sensed perspective.


Last week I stumbled upon a documentary called Mytsical Brain where filmmaker Isabelle Raynauld followed a bunch of scientists to neurologically explain the so called god experience phenomenon that is most of the time described as having an experience of a larger presence or an experience of feeling one with everything.

Usually people who pray or meditate (or use mind altering substances) have these experiences and I believe that this is also the state of mind for not only great sex but god like sex.

This state of mind is charaterized by so called theta waves that are in the range between 4-7 Hz. They are just a tad above sleep and have the effect that you are deeply relaxed yet highly present about your immediate sensations.


Theta is the eight letter of the greek alphabet and it’s symbol was a line with a circle that later was replaced by a point with a circle. Interestingly enough, Egyptians used a point with a circle as the symbol for the sun and “θῆτα (theta) has the same numerical value in isopsephy as Ηλιος” (Wikipedia), which means Helios and is the greek god of the sun.

Maybe the theta waves are the ultimate goal, the sun in Plato’s allegory, the god experience or in our case the ultimate sexual experience. Maybe this is all metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and maybe I am onto something. Let’s find out.


Relaxation and sensual awareness seem to be the corner stone for great sex. That’s why I’ll further explore ways of relaxation as well as sensual awareness for all five senses. Promoting the qualities of the Lover archetype as described in Understanding The Male Psyche.

That’s what I believe will lead to great sex but if you are able to reach theta waves during sex, I am convinced one can experience a god like sexual experience that might feel like becoming one with your partner, your environment or possibly even existence as a whole.

This means part of the Sex God Project wille be to explore ways and techniques to reach theta waves through eg meditation, hypnosis, neurofeedback, brain wave modulation or maybe even mind altering substances.

I want to see the sun. Sexually speaking. But wasn’t there another greek myth about getting to close to the sun? Maybe I should read a bit about Icarus at one point.