After I looked into the foundations of nutrition in my post How to Eat Like a Sex God, it’s time to get to the second important aspect of great health, which, as pointed out several times already, for me is the foundation to become a Sex God, and that is exercise.

But before I’ll start to pump my muscles, I once again want to lay a proper foundation. It has been more than a year ago that I stumbled upon a book called The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Your Life by Mark Verstegen. For some reason it just caught my attention while strolling through a book store. I skimmed through it, liked it and bought it. It wasn’t for another year before I actually started to read it and I loved it! “The Core Performance” is an integrated work-out program that not only develops strength and builds muscle mass but also endurance, makes a lean body and increases balance and flexibility.

Best part is, Mr. Verstegen is not some kind of self-appointed fitness guru but has proven his knowledge and experience by coaching countless athletes. He even coached the German national soccer team, which is not too shabby to list on your CV.


Since it’s an extensive full-body work out, I first of all want to look into a special chapter of the book which specifically develops the core strength of your body that is not only a great foundation for any further weight training but also improves posture and strengthens probably the most important muscles for a Sex God (and I am not talking aesthetically here but rather functionally), the abdominal muscles, the so called abs, and the lower back.

The best way to train the core is by doing the core exercises on a gymnastics ball. “Gymnastics ball? That’s not very sexy” you might think. But by doing the exercises on a gymnastics ball, your body has to constantly counter balance the uneven surface which stimulates the smaller and deeper muscles, the so called intrinsic muscles, which are inevitable for a strong core stability.

core strength


So, before I’ll hit the dumbbells and the bench press, I decided to first and foremost build a strong core. I started a couple of weeks back doing core exercises three times a week. Usually I get up at 6:30 am and hit the gym right away. I discovered that for me it’s easier to find the motivation to exercise in the morning since I still have lots of willpower and energy compared to the late afternoon or evening.

It’s also a fairly short work out. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to run through all the exercises. At the moment, I just do one set of any exercise. I started with 8 repetitions and week after week increased the amount. This week I reached 12 receptions per exercise and as far as I can tell, it really pays already. Not only gets my abdominal area pretty lean by now, my boss even asked me what kind of exercise I do since my posture, which was a bit hunched because of all the desk work, has improved noticeably when sitting as well as standing or walking, which might also be a great feature for a Sex God. Who would picture a Sex God to be hunched?

core performanceIf you want to exercise your core as well, I really recommend you the book The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Your Life by Mark Verstegen. But beware, before I started doing the exercises, I met with a professionally trained fitness trainer from my gym to go through all the exercises to make sure I execute them correctly. Not executing exercises correctly won’t not only prevent you from seeing any results but you can even hurt yourself or damage your body for good and that’s definitely not worth it.


I have two more weeks of core training before I finally will start with my eight weeks ripped body work out. You might wonder if I really just hit the gym for 20 minutes every time. The answer is no. What a Sex God needs, next to a strong core, as well is a well developed endurance I believe. Endurance training therefore is the other part of my work out sessions. But, I am not talking about endless boring cycling or running on a treadmill, I am talking about interval endurance training, also called “Energy System Development”, that is effective and fun but I will explain it more in detail next week.