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Gregor Schmidinger is an independent filmmaker and artist living in Vienna, Austria. He is the initiator of the Sex God Project and is currently working on his debut feature film called Nevrland. You can find Gregor on , and .

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It’s much easier to stay on the surface and write about proper nutrition like I did with How To Eat Like A Sex God and different exercises such as Developing Core Strength or Basic PC Muscle Exercises to become a Sex God. But at the end of the day, it’s just the surface and really...

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Two weeks ago, I started my Sex God Ripped Full Body Work Out Program (I should get a copyright on that funky name) in my blog post How To Build Muscles. This week, now that we slowly move into the specifics, it’s time to focus on one specific muscle and that’s the Pubococcygeus muscle or...

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I guess everyone knows by now that testosterone is THE male hormone. Testosterone has especially three main responsibilities: Testosterone is responsible for the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics Testosterone is a steroid hormone and responsible for the growth of muscle mass, strength and increased bone density Next to psychological and social components, testosterone...

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